Lael Vetter, Ph.D.






I am interested in the way that records of climate and environmental processes are preserved in the geochemistry of sediments and fossils. My research projects explore novel ways to use these geochemical records to reconstruct climate, geochemical, and environmental processes in the past.


I am a broadly trained geologist and geochemist. I have extensive laboratory experience with stable isotope and trace element geochemistry of sedimentary minerals (primarily carbonates) and environmental water samples. I am also an experienced field scientist, and have worked on projects in carbonate stratigraphy, clastic sedimentology, chemical oceanography, and marine ecology.

Current position:

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences

Tulane University

New Orleans, LA, USA


Ph.D., Geology, 2013

    University of California, Davis

M.S., Geoscience, 2007

    University of Nevada - Las Vegas

B.S., Geology, 2002 University of Chicago